• Here Are Five Alternatives To Reddit

    Popular web content aggregation website and meme breeding ground Reddit doesn’t go down too often but if it ever does and you’re worried you won’t get your context fix, here are five alternatives websites to check out.

  • Latest Telstra Outage Shows We Need Telco Change

    There are two types of systems; those that have failed and those that will fail. And it seems that the country’s largest telco, Telstra, has been “blessed” with both sorts. Over the weekend, Telstra suffered yet another embarrassing outage. The company’s machine-to-machine network, that supports EFTPOS services, ATMs and prisoner monitoring devices went down.

  • Why Telstra’s Mobile Network Went Down

    Yesterday, thousands of Telstra customers were stranded without access to mobile voice or data for nearly five hours. It was the third outage affecting Telstra services this month. Now, the beleaguered telco has released a statement explaining what went wrong.