How To Not Drive Like A Bloody Idiot [Infographic]

How To Not Drive Like A Bloody Idiot [Infographic]
Image: iStock
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Most of us encounter idiot drivers on a regular basis. (If you don’t, you’re probably oblivious to the fact that you’re one of them.) More often than not, the problem comes down to improper lane usage. This simple flowchart explains what everyone is doing wrong.

The graphic below comes courtesy of our pals at Jalopnik. It’s based on a tongue-in-cheek flowchart that you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter. It consists of a few basic questions that lead to one of two possible outcomes.

It’s very simple – but then, so is driving in the correct lane. (In theory, anyway.) Jalopnik reckons this chart should be printed onto dashboards like the shifting patterns on gear sticks. Most people won’t require it, but clearly this kind of idiot proofing is sorely needed by some motorists. Enjoy.

[Via Jalopnik]


  • 1. Are you turning or changing lanes?
    NO – Proceed
    YES – Is your indicator on with sufficient notice for following vehicles?
    YES – well done

    2. Does the slowing/stopped car in front of you have an indicator flashing?
    YES – either duplicate it, or change lanes so that following vehicles aren’t misled

  • Using a turning lane to skip ahead of traffic at lights does not make you smart. It makes you a C**T. And i will block you from coming in and give you a one finger salute.

        • Are you and @obtainable incapable of understanding humour? Here, I’ll explain it as if you were a child, if you are going to flip the bird in a traffic situation, you should at least be big enough to be too menacing for violent retaliation, it had nothing to do with your body fat content. It’s sad how few people actually have a sense of humour any more, most of your comments that I’ve seen, seem pretty negative anyway.

    • The problem is that you may be at the lights, and the car behind you may be turning right, so for the next vehicle coming along, it is rational to go into the adjacent lane to avoid being stuck behind that car. And it is generally not possible to see if you (at the front) are also turning right or not.

      I’m more pissed off at people who weave in and outside of a parking lane to cut in, as that really just slows the entire column of traffic.

      • I think you might have misread my comment 🙂

        I talking about intersections where they have long turning only lanes, And people drive down them and then try to push back in to the normal lanes so they can get ahead of traffic.

  • Fun fact: tailgating is illegal in Australia.

    If someone is in the right lane and they are overtaking a vehicle to the left of them, they are not breaking the law. If you’re tailgating them, you are.

    You’re also driving dangerously.

    • Question: Is it legal to go above the speed limit when overtaking?
      Answer: No

      So if I’m travelling AT the speed limit and a vehicle wants to overtake me, then I wish there’s a speed camera ahead.

  • If you see that both lanes are slowing down and you are riding a motorbike, wait until the traffic is almost stopped before splitting lanes. Acting like you are at Phillip Island is just going to get you splattered over someones hood.

  • I will admit I almost ran over a motorcyclist who came up the inside of me with no headlight on and when I looked the road was clear. He obviously came on at the merging lane and jumped straight into the rh lane and got shitty when I indicated and moved over.

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