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Having a car sit in the driveway costs you money. By the time you factor in an annual service, registration, insurance and depreciation, you can easily find thousands of dollars leaving your coffers before you've driven a single kilometre. This is where services like CarBar+ come to the fore. Rather than you owning the car, you pay a regular fee, that starts at $169 per week and have full-time access to vehicle for as long as you need it. All you need to pay for, after the fee, is fuel. All the maintenance, registration and insurance is covered in the fee. I tested the service for a month, trying three different vehicles. Here's what I learned.


Most drivers don't give a second thought to snacking behind the wheel. We have fast food drive-thrus on every highway, so it must be legal... right?

As it turns out, "eat-driving" might not be as safe - or as lawful - as you think.


DriveMyCar is offering a guaranteed $2500 per year for owners who rent their cars out through their platform. While there are some qualifying criteria, that $2500 minimum can be boosted to as much as $1750 per month depending on the value of your vehicle. Here's how it works.


Accidentally leaving a child in a hot car is a tragic mistake that anyone could make. Blame our faulty brains, among other things. (And if you haven't read Gene Weingarten's 2009 Washington Post story on hot car deaths, make a point to do so - it's masterful.) As parents, the sooner we realise we're not insusceptible, the sooner we can all look for ways to end the devastating statistic that an average of 37 children die in hot cars each year, without judgement.


Whether you're an A to B driver or an enthusiast, every car owner and driver should familiarise themselves with the most important car maintenance tips. A few simple upkeep tricks can help you save money, prolong the life of your vehicle and increase your safety on the road and the safety of your passengers. Here are six maintenance jobs that literally any driver can do.


As the year comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on all the technology that made our lives easier in 2018.

It’s been a big year for cars and auto tech, with Tesla and Mr. Musk hogging the headlines for most of it, but what releases did we enjoy most?


Depending on your terms, the interest on your car loan can add up quite a bit. Your rate will depend on a few different factors, and whether the car is new or used is one of them. Rapid Finance explains why used cars typically have higher interest rates.


On a recent trip home to see my parents, we got off the highway, where the kids were pretty much OK. But then, they started to turn green and my husband turned around in his seat to hold a bag in front of the kid behind the passenger seat. A few minutes later, both kids began an extravagant dueling barf session that covered them, their car seats, and a good portion of the car.


Earlier this week a Tesla owner in Essex, Great Britain, posted security camera footage of his Model S being stolen by a pair of thieves who were able to unlock and start the car with a smartphone and a tablet.

By hijacking the owner’s key fob, they were able to get in, turn on the car, disable remote tracking and make off with his fancy ride!


Pouring sugar into a car's gas tank is thought to be a petty yet effective means of sabotage. As parodied on The Simpsons, it's the preferred revenge method of estranged (and deranged) spouses and partners.

The idea is that the sugar causes the car's engine to permanently seize up, resulting in a costly trip to the mechanic. The guys at Project Farm recently put this mischievous theory to the test. Here is the video.


It's been nigh on 60 years since the first 'Great Race' in Bathurst's Mount Panorama. On October 4, a new generation of drivers will test their mettle on the one of Australia's toughest Supercar circuits: the Bathurst 1000. Here's how to watch the race live, free and online in Australia.


There are very few people in this world who would wonder, “what would happen if I made a jeep that could fly?” It seems more like the kind of thing you’d make a rough crayon sketch of in kindergarten than it does something someone would actually sit down and seriously draft up. But someone out there, well—they really did try it out.


Double demerits will be in full force in select states and territories this long weekend. Stuff up just once and you could lose your licence. We explain where double demerits apply and the various traffic offences that are included.