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One of the places where technology has made some of the biggest impacts on our lives is in the car. While the automotive industry has been around for over a century, it has been at the forefront of using technology to deliver better and safer vehicles for us. Innovations like robots in factories, and safety features such as anti-lock braking and collision avoidance systems have revolutionised the car business. But, over the last decade or so, more technology has been introduced into the passenger cabin. What have been some of the big changes and have they really made driving more fun?


Most drivers don't give a second thought to snacking behind the wheel. We have fast food drive-thrus all over the country, so it must be legal, right?

As it turns out, "eat-driving" might not be as safe - or as lawful - as you think.


Big, beautiful all-terrain tyres are key component of any off-road build, as they add ground clearance and traction. Plus, they look awesome. But they're also going to cost you some performance, and you can see exactly how much in this dyno test.


Most of us encounter idiot drivers on a regular basis. (If you don't, you're probably oblivious to the fact that you're one of them.) More often than not, the problem comes down to improper lane usage. This simple flowchart explains what everyone is doing wrong.

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Car tyres are an important, but sometimes neglected part of a car. And this a problem. Ignoring your tyres can cost you more money long-term due to increased wear and tear, as well be incredibly unsafe.

While we always recommend seeing a mechanic and car tyre specialist for advice, here are a few basic tips to help keep your tyres in good condition.


Mastering rough roads shelled into near-oblivion, Violette Morris sidestepped the artillery craters on her motorcycle. It was 1916 on the slopes of the Somme in the midst World War I, and Morris, a field nurse, was on her way to the battlefield. The soldiers who righted her bike when she fell weren't aware that they were helping a woman. With a shapeless outfit and close-cropped hair, Morris could easily pass for a man on the battlefield.


Alongside alcohol and speeding, 'driver distraction' is one of the key causes of roadside crashes and fatalities. If you regularly scoff Big Macs, apply makeup and text while driving, you are a vehicular menace who needs a stern talking to. (Especially if you do all three at the same time.) Here are ten habits that we all need to stop doing behind the wheel.

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It's not exactly a bold statement to say that tyres are an important feature of a car. But despite rather needing them to get your automobile moving, some people don't know a whole lot about them or how to look after them properly.

So let's change that! Here's just a few things you should know about tyres to get you started.


You step into a street you thought was empty - then you hear it. A car is careening toward you, tyres squealing as the driver slams on the breaks. You have less than a second to react and save your life. Here's what you do.


Whether you're an A to B driver or an enthusiast, every car owner and driver should familiarise themselves with the most important car maintenance tips. A few simple upkeep tricks can help you save money, prolong the life of your vehicle and increase your safety on the road and the safety of your passengers. Here are six maintenance jobs that literally any driver can do.