What Should People Know About Driving In Your City?

What Should People Know About Driving In Your City?

What kind of idiot takes the Inner Loop to the Outer Loop without merging into the HOV lane on red? Why the hell would you take the highway past Broadway during rush hour without a bumper guard on your parallel parker? But really, what do we need to know before driving in your city, so we can avoid being that idiot out-of-towner screwing up your commute?

I get the vague sense that in high-altitude cities, you really do need a beefy engine just to get to the grocery store. I know that in some cities, most streets are one-way, so even if it’s a simple grid, you need to plan the last few blocks of your route.

I know that everyone thinks their city is the one with the real crazy drivers, but what are the cities with the polite drivers? Where are the pedestrians the crazy ones?

What else do we need to know about driving in your city? What are the bottlenecks, the narrowest lanes, the famous potholes? What are the shortcuts, the straight shots, the actually well-maintained roads? What’s considered particularly rude in your town? What’s a nice thing you can do for a fellow driver, beyond letting them in ahead? What’s the dumbest thing that Google Maps does in your area?

We really don’t want to fuck up your commute! So give us your own tips. Tell us how to drive in your city.


  • Roundabouts.

    So simple and effective yet so many people wont utilise them properly or just don’t care.

    Merging Lanes.

    That lane is ending so be nice if you would let me in. Getting in front of me ain’t going to get you to your location quicker.

    Keep left unless overtaking,

    Don’t be that hogger and stay in the right lane.

    Give way rules.

    Big one. Overtaking someone and then merging into that lane and then dropping your speed.

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