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Most drivers don't give a second thought to snacking behind the wheel. We have fast food drive-thrus all over the country, so it must be legal, right?

As it turns out, "eat-driving" might not be as safe - or as lawful - as you think.


Most of us encounter idiot drivers on a regular basis. (If you don't, you're probably oblivious to the fact that you're one of them.) More often than not, the problem comes down to improper lane usage. This simple flowchart explains what everyone is doing wrong.

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Car tyres are an important, but sometimes neglected part of a car. And this a problem. Ignoring your tyres can cost you more money long-term due to increased wear and tear, as well be incredibly unsafe.

While we always recommend seeing a mechanic and car tyre specialist for advice, here are a few basic tips to help keep your tyres in good condition.


Alongside alcohol and speeding, 'driver distraction' is one of the key causes of roadside crashes and fatalities. If you regularly scoff Big Macs, apply makeup and text while driving, you are a vehicular menace who needs a stern talking to. (Especially if you do all three at the same time.) Here are ten habits that we all need to stop doing behind the wheel.

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It's not exactly a bold statement to say that tyres are an important feature of a car. But despite rather needing them to get your automobile moving, some people don't know a whole lot about them or how to look after them properly.

So let's change that! Here's just a few things you should know about tyres to get you started.


Getting pulled over by Aussie cops is already nerve-wracking, but when it happens somewhere far from home it can be even scarier. Laws are different, customs vary, and you may have to pay a fine on the spot. Here's what you need to know before you get behind the wheel outside of your home country.


The only thing that makes long-distance driving tolerable is music and/or podcasts. Unfortunately, using the car stereo isn't always an option. Perhaps the speakers are busted, or the person in the passenger seat hates your taste in music. In these situations, the obvious solution is to don a pair headphones. But is this actually legal?


Yesterday, the Government announced that millions of Australians will need to replace defective airbags in their vehicles following a fatality in NSW. The compulsory recall, which affects approximately 1.3 million vehicles in Australia, has a deadline of 2020. To make life slightly easier, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has compiled a list of every vehicles currently under recall, including the make, model and year range. Here's the complete list.


I've always wanted to drive a Tesla. Silent electric motors, instant torque and autonomous driving capabilities? Sign me up. As luck would have it, during my Christmas vacation spent at my partner's parent's home, I was able to drive their Tesla Model S for a week. The experience was, in a word, magical -- primarily because of the differences between a Tesla and a traditional automobile.


Pouring sugar into a car's gas tank is thought to be a petty yet effective means of sabotage. As parodied on The Simpsons, it's the preferred revenge method of estranged (and deranged) spouses and partners.

The idea is that the sugar causes the car's engine to permanently seize up, resulting in a costly trip to the mechanic. The guys at Project Farm recently put this mischievous theory to the test. Here is the video.