Here Are All The Crazy Gifts Oscar Nominees Receive

Here Are All The Crazy Gifts Oscar Nominees Receive
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It’s good to be an Academy Awards nominee. In addition to an instant salary boost and recognition from your peers (we guess), every actor and actress also receives a gift bag valued at over $130,000. Here’s exactly what they get.

Tonight, the 90th Annual Academy Awards is taking place out of the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California. If you’re one of the actors or actresses lucky enough to be nominated then you receive a pretty stacked gift bag.

The ‘Everyone Wins’ nominee gift bag is an absurdly opulent gratuity provided to Oscars nominees by Distinctive Assets. This is an entertainment-marketing company who are not affiliated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The bag goes out to those associated with the big ticket Awards and not necessarily every single person on the nominees list. (We’re pretty sure the guys who won for Best Sound Mixing didn’t get diddly squat, for instance.)

There’s over $130,000 worth of goods jammed in the bag, ranging from Tanzania getaways to er, pepper spray. Here’s the full list for 2018.

  • A $40,000, 12-night stay at the Serengeti Migration Camp.
  • A $9,000 week-long stay at the Golden Door Spa, the #1 destination spa in the world, over in Southern California.
  • A seven day stay at Koloa Landing Resort in Hawaii.
  • A stay at the Avaton Luxury Villas resort in Greece.
  • 10,000 meals donated to an animal shelter of their choice.
  • A year’s supply of skin serum that costs a cool $2,316
  • 10 sessions with trainer Alexis Seletzky, to keep them in super shape.
  • A $200 Safi Kilimi Tanzanite sterling silver bracelet.
  • A way too expensive levitating Bluetooth speaker, just what every celebrity wants, from Modern Innovation.
  • Colour-changing lipstick and a 10-piece marble makeup brush set.
  • A pair of soy candles, you bloody beauty!
  • Maple syrup from Rouge Maple, you bloody beauty!
  • A pepper spray bottle because you want to keep those filthy peasants away from you (or those legitimate pests in Hollywood)!
  • Really average shirts from Happiest Tee
  • A patch that you put under your arm to prevent yourself from getting any of those gross sweat patches, because nothing says “Oscar nominee” like dry pits.
  • Makeup from a ton of different vendors, as well as makeup removers, different skin treatments for teeth and skin and – all of those things. that keep you looking pretty.
  • Some high quality eyelashes from Le Celine that you’d imagine a few nominees would be re-gifting.
  • A necklace that contains an Arctic Canadian diamond from Luxura Diamond.
  • A DNA kit from 23andMe which lets the nominees assess their health and what diseases might end up ending them.
  • A box of cards with positive notes on them.
  • A sleeve you wear on your arm that you can fill with water, or perhaps some other liquid, so you can run around and stay hydrated (or drunk).
  • Activated charcoal toothpaste and some electric toothbrushes. Smile.
  • Moonshine.
  • A PETA bath bomb that reveals a fact about a previous Oscar winner, like some sort of colourful, completely inedible, fortune cookie.
  • A tote bag.
  • Pretzels.
  • A phone charger.

What a list! You can catch the end of the Oscars live here.


  • FFS. Because these people really need these free gifts living so close to the poverty line!! Yet here is the public once again, fawning over a group of people, who inthe majority, live in their own little planet.

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