How To Choose A BBQ Smoker [Infographic]

How To Choose A BBQ Smoker [Infographic]

Smoked barbecue meat tastes heavenly – especially on a cool summer evening. There are several types of smoker on the market and they all have their pros and cons. This infographic from Tasty Meat lays out all the mouth-watering essentials.

Unlike traditional BBQs, smokers force air and smoke through the cooking chamber and out a chimney, imparting colour, flavour and texture into food as it travels. Some are powered by a firebox while others rely on electricity and gas.

The graphic below explains why you should be interested in smoked meat and provides some tips for the first-time buyer. Things to consider include the pros/cons of vertical and horizontal smokers, the types of fuel you can buy and how to position the smoker to piss off your neighbors. (We made that last one up, obviously.)

Curiously, the infographic doesn’t go into the types of wood you should use, nor does it touch on meat preservation or optimum temperatures for popular dishes. Nevertheless, it’s a good starting point for newbies who are curious about this cooking method.

Check it out below – and then read our Taste Test of the Yoder Y Series Smoker. If you’re serious about smoking, you should also check out these marinades for ultra-tender meats. Mmmm, pyrolysis-derived airborne particles…

[Via Tasty Meat]


  • Great – keep these bbq ones coming (would love to see some great recipes, rubs, injections, etc.). Summer’s here for a little while yet.

  • Or, if you have a BBQ, just buy a little box to put the wood in, or wrap it in foil, and punch a few holes.

    The same can be done indoors, but make sure the fan is on.

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