Revealed: The Aussie Retailers Most At Risk From Amazon

Revealed: The Aussie Retailers Most At Risk From Amazon
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The Megalodon shark popularly known as Amazon is circling Australian retailers – and they’ve got nowhere to hide. The online shop’s imminent launch in Australia is going to have a significant impact on local retail – and some will be bitten worse than others. Here are the businesses that are set to lose the most, according to the latest analysis from UBS.

Financial services provider UBS recently released a new Australian Online Retail report comprising a consumer survey, global case studies and discussions with industry CEOs.

The graph below represents the assumed margin impact by retailer in basis points:

Image: UBS

Yikes! It’s worth noting that Amazon is also launching an eBay-style Marketplace in addition to its own e-store platform. In other words, third-party retailers have the opportunity to join forces with the behemoth and sell their wares on its site. (To jump aboard, merchants will need to pay Amazon $49.95 per month, plus a 6-15% commission off the top of sales.)

The UBS report acknowledges that the impact of Amazon will “vary by sector”, with electronics, apparel and cosmetics merchants expected to be among the hardest hit.

“We believe that on the whole the negative reaction from retail share prices has been over-done, with retailers with lower exposure, attractive valuation and a differentiated exposure to limit the impact,” UBS said in a statement.

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    • I want to see HN crash and burn as much as the next guy but realistically I don’t think it’s going to happen. They will no doubt have a large percentage of their market share cut though.

      What this will force them and other retailers that are at risk to do though, is to actually move into the year 2018 like the rest of us will. They have been resistant to change up until now but they can’t do that anymore. They will need to adapt and I’m reasonably confident they will, albeit begrudgingly for some of them.

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