How To Sell Products On Amazon Australia

How To Sell Products On Amazon Australia
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The Amazon Marketplace accounts for around half of Amazon’s sales globally and is a powerful tool for sellers who wish to use the platform to grow their business. In November 14 Amazon hosted the very first Australian Seller Summit for those looking to sell their products on the service. Here’s what you need to do if you want to begin selling on Amazon Australia.

The Amazon Marketplace provides a model where other companies can use Amazon to sell their own products and set their own pricing. They are then responsible for getting product into the customers’ hands by controlling their own inventory and sending the orders out to customers. It’s essentially no different to how Australian retailers sell products on eBay right now.

However, unlike eBay, Amazon plans to offer a ‘fulfilment by Amazon’ (FBA) service, which will allow sellers to store and dispatch their goods via Amazon. Unfortunately, this will not be ready by launch.

The fees involved with Marketplace were also detailed, with a $49.95 (plus GST) price tag attached for retailers that wish to have their products listed on On top of that, Amazon will look to take a referral free: A 6-15% commission off the top of sales generated through the Marketplace, depending on what type of product you’re selling.

During the introductory event, Amazon Australia Manager Rocco Braeuniger told attendees: “We are excited to work with many thousands of Australian businesses to help them reach more than 300 million customers around the world and to grow their business.”

The power of the Marketplace is in Amazon’s name. Globally, the online e-commerce titan, commands the eyeballs of 300 million people – so you’re selling power is amplified through the platform.

If you want to get started with Amazon in Australia, then all you need to do is head to their services website, throw in a few contact details and they will contact you with information on how to begin selling on Amazon.

At present, the Marketplace is invitation-only, with those that attended the summit given priority to sell on the platform. However, it is expected the platform will soon be open for online sign-ups too. If you want to get in early, be sure to sign up.

You can register your interest to sell on the Amazon Australia website here.


  • Been about 2weeks since I registered my interest to sell on Amazon Australia. No replies at all. Might as well sign up for US one, get approval in no time and start selling and getting USD

    • Same here, no reply and its been a month plus now and that’s with a follow up call and another link forwarded to me for re-registration. Can you sign up for US account and sell on Australia platform?

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