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Data from business analytics company illion shows a record number of Australian retailers are going to the wall. Although relatively low as a percentage of all companies, the negative trend is worth highlighting given the laundry list of headwinds already facing the sector.

Multiple analysts agree that the near-term performance of the retail industry will serve as a critical test of the broader health of the Australian economy.


The Megalodon shark popularly known as Amazon is circling Australian retailers - and they've got nowhere to hide. The online shop's imminent launch in Australia is going to have a significant impact on local retail - and some will be bitten worse than others. Here are the businesses that are set to lose the most, according to the latest analysis from UBS.


Price matching is one of the easiest ways to score yourself a discount at retail. Do your research, find the best possible price you can and march into the store with your dollar-saving knowledge. But this little Google Chrome trick makes it exceptionally easy to deceive retailers about exactly how much a product costs at other stores.

I wish I knew this when I was working in retail.


Each day, stores are trying to convince us to put more in our carts and rack up a bigger bill at checkout. From strategic displays to all those tasty freebies, stores try to make a fool (and year-round over spender) out of customers. So in the spirit of the season, let's take a look at how shops convince us to open our wallets -- which might help us spend just a bit less.