Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts
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You wanted: Google Pixel 2 news, free cheeseburgers and the cheapest way to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Australia. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Dealhacker: Ebay Has 18% Off Site Wide Tonight
    Ebay, that most venerable website full of deals and savings, is turning 18 today! Happy birthday Ebay! Of course, with birthdays come celebrations and Ebay is throwing a huge party tonight, online, where everything will be 18% off!
  2. What To Do If You Don’t Have Your Same-Sex Marriage Survey Form [Updated]
    By now, many of you will have already received your Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. But what if you accidentally lost it? Or what if it never arrived in the post? Fortunately, it’s possible to request a replacement form from the ABS. Here are the steps you need to take to receive a new form.
  3. Google Pixel 2: Everything You Need To Know
    On October 4, Google is expected to release its next flagship smartphone range, dubbed Pixel 2. Here’s everything you need to know about these first-party Android handsets, including price, release date and the best features based on the most credible leaks thus far.
  4. The Cheapest Way To Buy A Samsung Galaxy Note 8 In Australia
    You’ve seen the contract prices and you might be tempted to sign up and avoid paying big upfront for Samsung’s excellent, expensive and explosion-proof Galaxy Note 8 — but while signing up for a plan may mean more money in your pocket in the short term, you could end up paying much more over the life of the phone. Here’s how much you can save by buying a Note 8 outright and choosing the right prepaid plan.
  5. Stop Leaving Your Smartphone’s Bluetooth On
    If you always leave Bluetooth on your phone on, you might want to rethink things.
  6. This Video Explains All The Ways Masturbation Is Healthy For You
    The health benefits of masturbation go far beyond relieving sexual tension. In women, it can decrease your odds of yeast infection, and even soothe menstrual pain. Masturbation can also strengthen pelvic muscles, lowering the risk of urinary leakage. As if you needed more reasons to have some quality alone time, this video offers them up.
  7. Australia’s Same-Sex Marriage Postal Vote Is Starting To Look Like A $122 Million Shemozzle
    Ballot papers are still being mailed out, but a few key lessons have already emerged from the Turnbull government’s $122 million postal survey on same-sex marriage. Less than a fortnight into the voluntary national ballot, which runs until November 7, the first thing apparent is that the Australian electoral roll is a mess.
  8. Dealhacker: Free McDonald’s Cheeseburgers!
    Today is National Cheeseburger Day. Which sounds ridiculous, because every second Wednesday should be National Cheeseburger Day. However, McDonald’s is celebrating by giving away FREE cheeseburgers all day! You know you want this deal. What’s the catch?
  9. Here’s Why You Should Wait To Download iOS 11
    iOS 11 is now available for download, which means you can upgrade one of your many iOS devices to get features such as a smarter Siri, a new app dock on the iPad, and improved multitasking support. It also means you’ll be downloading the first version of a major software upgrade, which isn’t the best idea, especially on launch day.
  10. I Used Tesla Autopilot To Drive From Sydney To Orange
    Autonomous cars are in the headlines every day these days, with several manufacturers working to have such vehicles hit the road in the next five years.

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