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You wanted: the unhealthiest burgers in Australia, nude bathing tips and Amazon's war on traditional retail. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Amazon Is About To Kick Traditional Retail’s Butt
    We are at the dawn of a new era - and like the dinosaurs who just thought they were having an off day - many Aussie retailers aren’t going to know what’s hit them. In the coming months Amazon will start opening its online doors in Australia. And already locals are seeing an impact.
  2. 200 Apps Every Technology User Should Own
    There are currently over two million apps available for Apple iPhone. Android has even more. When you throw in Windows, Mac, Linux and myriad browser extensions, the number of apps to choose from is truly overwhelming.
  3. The Truth About Centrelink's Waiting Times
    Senior staff from the Department of Human Services told Senate estimates on March 2 that the average wait time to speak to a Centrelink operator is 14 minutes and 10 seconds. But this doesn’t match with most people’s experiences of calling Centrelink.
  4. Revealed: The Unhealthiest Burgers From Australia's Top Fast Food Chains
    Burgers aren't always a bad choice for lunch or dinner. Depending on the sauce and toppings used, they can sometimes be healthier than takeaway salads. (No, really.) However, some options are obviously worse than others - and the potential damage to your waistline is considerable.
  5. Australian Telcos Have An Honesty Problem
    Optus' heavy-handed NBN migration tactics highlight how far telco call centres are prepared to bend the truth. Optus has been caught blatantly lying to its customers this month, telling some customers that NBN or the government are to blame for the fact that Optus is rushing to boot customers off its HFC cable network within weeks of an area being declared NBN-ready.
  6. How To Make The Most Of Google Maps
    Google Maps is hands-down one of the best navigation apps on Android and iPhone, but considering most of us use it while driving, it's easy to miss some of its features. Whether you're new to Google Maps or a veteran, let's take a look at the best ways to get the most out of it.
  7. Rules To Remember When You Visit A Nude Beach
    When it comes to nude beaches, there are some simple rules of etiquette that transcend borders. This video from the folks at Rev3 breaks them all down nicely.
  8. The Most Common Money Mistakes, From Teen To Retirement [Infographic]
    Money management is something most of us could be better at. Whether it's bad budgeting or unclaimed superannuation, there's probably a mistake or two that you need to rectify immediately. This infographic looks at the often painful money lessons we learn during life's journey: from "young and single" to "empty nester".
  9. 11 Grammatical Mistakes That Instantly Reveal People's Ignorance
    All it takes is a single tweet or text for some people to reveal their poor grasp of the English language. Homophones — words that sound alike but are spelled differently — can be particularly pesky. Regardless, you should never choose incorrectly in these nine situations.
  10. The Most Popular Baby Names For Boys And Girls In Australia
    Choosing the right name for your baby is tougher than it sounds. You probably don't want an overly weird name lest your child gets teased at school. On the other hand, nobody wants to be saddled with a boringly common name like John or Chris (thanks for nothing, Mum!)


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