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Amazon Australia launch dateJane Lu. (Photo: @thelazyceo/ Instagram.)

You wanted: All the news about Amazon's Aussie launch, Sydney airport luggage woes and the factors driving up the price of bitcoin. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Amazon Australia Launch: A Lot Of The Prices Suck
    This morning, Amazon finally launched its online shopping portal in Australia, putting an end to months of wild speculation and shopper anticipation. Unfortunately, the prices we're seeing aren't nearly as revolutionary as we were hoping. In fact, some of them are downright terrible.
  2. Why Early Morning Flights Are The Best Flights
    Next time you go to book a flight you might want to look at the early-morning options first. Getting out of bed to make that 6am might be a struggle, but Travel and Leisure suggests that you should exclusively fly in the early morning. The reason? You'll have a much better chance of getting to your destination.
  3. Report: Amazon Australia Is Launching Today!
    After weeks of speculation, a false start, another false start, hushed whispers across the entire retail industry and endless "insider tips" - we finally have another rumoured launch date for Amazon Australia: and that date is December 5!
  4. Amazon Australia's Best Christmas Deals [Updated]
    Amazon Australia has launched and there are mega savings to be had! Stock is already flying out the door, so get in quick to nab yourself some of the cheapest prices. We've rounded up the best deals we've found so far.
  5. How To Watch The Ashes 2017 Live, Online And Free
    Ali vs Frazier. Harding vs Kerrigan. Vader vs Kenobi. The NBN vs the entire country of Australia. These are the great rivalries of our histories. In the world of cricket, there’s no greater rivalry than that of England vs Australia in the five match Test extravaganza known as ‘The Ashes’.
  6. Four Factors Driving The Price Of Bitcoin
    Bitcoin just blew past the $17,000 mark. Last month, the price dropped to around A$8,000 shortly after almost hitting A$10,000, and rising over 1,850% since 2015. By the time you read this, the price is likely to have changed dramatically again..
  7. Amazon Has Changed Its Australian Website (But Don't Get Too Excited)
    Look, I'll be honest. At this point, trying to predict a launch date for Amazon is going to require some divination. There's been no word from the '800-pound gorilla' and no comment on the speculation. All that potential bargain hunters can do is keep refreshing that home page.
  8. The Best 'SIM Only' Phone Plans For Price And Data
    Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't already, it is time to join the revolution. Recent findings from research group Telsyte revealed that over half of Australian phone owners have ditched phone plan contracts and now use BYO phone plans.
  9. Amazon Australia Is Now Live!
    The wait is over. After a bunch of false starts and rumoured technical hiccups, the Amazon Australia website is finally open for business. You can buy computers, gadgets, toys, video games and other goodies from Amazon Australia right now.
  10. This Is What Happened When Sydney Airport Lost My Luggage
    My bag and I have been round the world many times. We’ve seen and experienced amazing things but none stranger than when we flew to Adelaide from Sydney. Flight QF783 landed in Adelaide on Thursday night, November 10, but the bag didn’t arrive at the luggage carousel. The lady at the baggage office tapped at her terminal and then said: "Oh my God, it’s lost."


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