Rules To Remember When You Visit A Nude Beach

When it comes to nude beaches, there are some simple rules of etiquette that transcend borders. This video from the folks at Rev3 breaks them all down nicely.

Most of the rules are pretty simple, and things that any mature adult would figure out on their own if they decided to go to a nude beach on their own: make absolutely sure the beach you're headed to actually is a nude beach; remember that gawking and photography are huge faux pas.

And then there's the big rule: No matter what your favourite...videos on the internet may tell you, nude beaches aren't synonymous with massive, unfettered sex parties. You'll still get arrested, cited or jailed for going at it in public, and "but officer, this is a nude beach" is no defence. There are more tips in the video — click play to see them all.

6 Nude Beach Tips You Should Stick To [Revision3 (YouTube)]


    I stumbled onto (searched for days) a nude beach when I was about 14. It was full of old and fat people and i still have sore eyes from the things that i witnessed on that beach.......the volleyball was particularly hard to masterbate to.......

      Nude beaches are about being naked not watching other people be naked

        Well, he was 14. I remember thinking nude beaches were like gardens of Eden, but filled with Victoria's Secret angels. Then I visited one and realised it's the sort of people who linger nude in gym change rooms, i.e. older men who are comfortable in their own skin and don't particularly care if you're looking or not.

    The first rule of nude beach is don't get a boner.

    The second rule of nude beach is don't get a boner.

      That would be impossible at every nude beach I have been to.

      If I was over 60.

        I dunno.. Most nude beaches I've seen the gender balance is waaaaaaay off.
        (And then a fair majority of them are old dudes..) *shudder*

      No, the second rule at nude gatherings, beach or anywhere else, is carry a towel so you don't embarrass yourself or anybody else.

    Jesus christ.. It's good to see this sites decent into literary hell continues unabated every time I check in every few months. User comments (above) and content alike.

      Good news! You're under no obligation to be here. You're free to leave at any time. Life, I mean.

        I've tried to leave Life so many times. Damn those Machines of Loving Grace.

      It's good to see this sites decent into literary hell ...
      To start with, if you're an infrequent visitor, you might try to get the spelling and punctuation correct for your infrequent visits.

      'this sites decent':-
      * "sites" needs an apostrophe as in "site's"
      * "decent" - Yes, I think this is a decent site, but I suspect you mean 'descent' as in 'going down'.

      So now you've just created *our* literary hell, don't let the URL hit you on your way out.
      The Grammar Nazis :)

      It is not indecent to be at a nude beach and descent into literary hell is the action of a person who should use a capital first letter for , names and places...remember, Christ!

    Yeah, nude beaches aren't for watching nude people, because the view is gross... it's about being nude yourself. But these days with skin cancer the way it is, why bother? That much sunscreen is just too expensive.

    been watching naked with yourself naked is the worst feeling i've ever.

    I just read this story naked.
    I'm a dude.
    You're reading a naked dude's words.
    Go and bathe, you still won't feel clean.

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