It’s Official: Aussies Are World-Champion Shaggers [Infographic]

It’s Official: Aussies Are World-Champion Shaggers [Infographic]
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According to worldwide data collected by sex-tracking app Spreadsheets, Australians engage in longer lasting sex than any other country. So how long are our sessions on average? Check out the below infographic to see how your ‘sexy time’ measures up…

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Spreadsheets was an iOS app designed to keep track of your sex life that is now sadly defunct. It monitored user’s movements and audio levels through their phone’s accelerometer and microphone to provide statistical and visual analysis of their performance in bed. Or as the creators put it:

Find out how many thrusts per minute you’re averaging, how long you go for, and exactly how loud it gets. Keep a record of your encounters, date, time, and performance.

In a slightly creepy move, the company turned its 13,500 customers’ data into a global map ranking sexual performance across 133 countries back in 2014. (Maybe this is why they went out of business.) As you can see from the graphic below, Australia was ranked #1 when it comes to endurance.

However, we wouldn’t dispense the high-fives and chest-bumps just yet — despite lasting longer than anyone else in the sack, our average sex session is still under five minutes in duration. Oh dear.

In a further blow, lovers from France, Russia, the UK, Canada, China and the USA pipped Australians to the bedpost when it came to frequency — but it’s all about quality over quantity, right? …Right?

Here’s the top 10 for countries who have the most sex. (Their duration is in parenthesis):

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This sort has been updated since its original publication.


  • It’s funny how many people still say they have sex for hours and don’t ‘finish’.
    Oh yeah, I’m sure a few people train themselves, or even naturally last longer than the average, but 7/10 mates? Lol, yeah nah.

  • “Lasting for hours” seems like a ridiculously inefficient use of time. Get in, get the job done, get out.

  • I read somewhere that fat men last longer dew to hormone changes in their bodies………..I wonder if we could, as a nation, hit a sweet spot where we can be fat enough to do the deed for the longest yet not so fat that we can’t find your sex organs?? Sex and pizza, a national project we can all get behind!!

  • “13,500 customers’ data into a global map ranking sexual performance across 133 countries”.
    That’s an average of 102 people per country. How can that ever be statistically significant?

  • Honestly, it’s pretty easy to not get one away in record time. Unfortunately it takes disappointing quite a few to realise that!
    Blokes who have are now separated and back on the scene are reaping the rewards.

  • i wouldn’t be surprised if most of that was masturbation.

    4 mins is way too short. how do people even enjoy that?

  • Wait, what? Less than 5 minutes? I may have only just started doing this but that is insane, fun is over too fast.

  • The fact that there were two heavily populated continents excluded from the global ranking goes to show how flawed this analysis really is (even if none of those people used the app).

  • A few points from the female point of view.

    1. The demographic who use this app would most likely have been young males, who are known to lie and also last nanoseconds.
    2. Women don’t want you to go for longer. No, they don’t. NO.
    3. Width is mostly better than length.

    Just thought I’d throw that last one in there because you all need to know.

  • 5 minute average? based on my personal duration of 30 minutes to 6 hours (just had to stop at dinner time, im a man not a machine xD) I would tend to think that the analysis seems flawed.

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