How Long Does The Average Man Last In Bed?

The drug company behind Viagra recently funded a study to determine how long the average man lasts during sex. More than 500 couples were "tested" over a period of four weeks. Here are the results.

In a statistic that probably won't surprise most women, the majority of men in the study (55 per cent) lasted just 4-11 minutes. Around one quarter of participants managed to prolong their climax past the 12 minute mark.

However, the median was just six minutes with a whopping 22 per cent lasting 0-3 minutes. Any sessions that lasted over 26 minutes were outliers - so give yourself a pat on the back if you regularly hit the half-hour mark.

However, as the study notes, the duration of intercourse has no direct correlation to sexual satisfaction - long, crap sex is still crap sex. You can check out additional statistics in the above video.


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    Are those numbers from go to whoa, or just the in and out bits?

      I'm assuming the latter. Foreplay has too many variables.

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