How Being A Home Owner Improves Your Sex Life [Infographic]

Buying your first house is one of the most stressful endeavors you're ever likely to go through. On the plus side, it does help to get you more nooky, if this infographic is to be believed. (How else are you going to install that stripper pole?)

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"It sounds crazy but owning your own home is not only financially beneficial but it may improve your sex life as well," Home Loan Expert somewhat dubiously posits in its latest infographic. "Who else is more reliable and trustworthy than someone who owns their own home? A homeowner needs to have a stable income and good credit in order to buy a house. There’s nothing sexier than someone who is financially stable and has a property to show for it."

Below are six ways buying a home can improve your sex life. (If you'll never be able to afford your own house, don't despair — most of the cited benefits also apply to renters.)

[Via Home Loan Experts]


    As I scroll through the now ubiquitous infographics on this site, I try to guess which company is blasting these "facts" before I reach the end. Its the only way to enjoy clickbait.

    they forgot to mention that its far sexier if the bank owns your home

      My mortgage is sooooooooooooo BIG

      that's what she said

    This should be tagged 'advertorial'.

      Why? It's not like the site was shoved in your face or anything. Jeezes christ, are people really against websites making some sort of money from their posts? Or do they just want everything for free?

    A swing? Its called a Sling

    though you also need the full dungeon full of tie off points and many MANY toys to go with it

      It's called a (sex) swing too :)

      NSFW -

      But yeah, we thought having a dungeon would be too creepy for this infographic :p

      Last edited 01/09/14 3:42 pm

        A sex swing is a DIFFERENT to a sling. A swing is what idiots buy because it is smaller, easier to hide, only has one eye bolt mount and cheaper... also USELESS and very uncomfortable.

        What you want is a sling, using 4 eye bolts a leather back and chain suspension.

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