Road Safety Reminder: Kangaroos Are Kamikaze Jerks

If you've ever driven down a lonely rural road in Australian bushland, you already know how much of a menace kangaroos can be. (My old car had the dents to prove it.) Usually, the danger comes from them accidentally bounding into the side of your car. But sometimes, it's a goddamn flying karate kick to your windscreen, because kangaroos are jerks. Just watch this terrifying video for proof. Easy, Skip, he's not worth it...

[Work Warning: The video above contains swears. Obviously.]

We're currently running a series on Lifehacker on how to survive animal attacks. So far, we've been focusing primarily on apex predators, but perhaps our national animal deserves a place on the list too.

While roos invariably come off worse in a collision with a moving vehicle, they can completely total your car and cause serious injury to you and other passengers. The video above, uploaded by YouTube channel Meme Archives, is a timely reminder to be cautious on roads near roo populations — and if you see one on the side of the road, fer Christ's sake, slow down!

[Via Meme Archives]


    It's dangerous in the outback - there are all sorts of animals throwing themselves at your vehicle!

    Drive north from Perth and you'll see cows on the roadside hit by road-trains, the obligatory dead roos, unidentifiable roadkill and we actually got hit by an emu (yes - it hit us from the side. Smashed the drivers side window and cracked the windscreen).

    When I was getting my pilots license I remember being told to look out for horses on or near rural runways (more like long patch of grass). They tend to run AT you, not away from you when landing. Cows and other animals are smart enough to run away.

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