Is It Legal In Australia To Keep A Kangaroo As A Pet?

Is It Legal In Australia To Keep A Kangaroo As A Pet?
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We love to laugh at people outside of Australia under the mistaken belief that we ride kangaroos to work or keep them around as pets. But it does raise an interesting question: could you keep a kangaroo as a pet? Turns out you can… if you live in one particular state.

Which state? You might guess the Northern Territory, or Queensland perhaps. But it’s neither of those. The only state you can legally own a kangaroo is Victoria, and even then, it can’t be wild and you need a licence.

In NSW, the only native mammals you can keep are the plains rat and spinifex hopping-mouse. Again, it requires some paperwork, specifically a “biodiversity conservation licence”. For those living in Queensland and Western Australia, it’s only certain species of native birds and reptiles. Surprise, surprise, ownership of them demands a permit.

They’re a protected species in the Northern Territory. The government also makes the following recommendation:

Kangaroos and wallabies do not make good pets and you should never keep one.

Tasmania classifies them as “partly protected”, as you can obtained a licence to hunt — but not own — kangaroos. Under South Australia’s National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972, all three of the state’s main kangaroo populations are protected — red, western grey and euro.

Finally, the ACT’s large eastern grey population is protected, so don’t go chasing one down for a pet.

Even if you’re in Victoria and want a pet kangaroo, it’s probably not a good idea. Why not get a cat instead?

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  • “Even if you’re in Victoria and want a pet kangaroo, it’s probably not a good idea. Why not get a cat instead?” Do you really think someone who wants a native animal as a pet thinks a cat would be a good alternative. I like cats, but they are a disaster for wildlife.

  • I specifically created an account to take issue with the “get a cat” statement. I’m sure it’s made lightheartedly, but just spent all weekend looking for support to help an injured water dragon that was most likely attacked by the cat next door. Cats are up there with cane toads, Foxes and rabbits. Please folks, pick something less destructive to adopt…

  • I live in Tassie and in the early 80’s an uncle brought home a joey from a hunting trip which ended up being a family pet for a couple years or so until a dog got into the yard and killed him.

    While I understand the law and agree with them I have to say they are very intelligent animals on par with a dog and are hogs when it comes to blankets on beds

  • Cats are not pets, they’re killing machines and there is no way to keep them chained up, locked up or otherwise controlled. They need to be banned and the current population wound back to the point of no return in this country and in fact the whole planet. I guarantee native fauna on every landform on the planet will have some form of recovery if they are culled.

  • Humans have been around a speckle of dust in the continuum of time. The way they destroy and dominate the Earth is repulsive. To think a human can just shout out laws and enforce them with death/harm is a perfect example of how much humans have to learn in the multiverse.

    Animals should be respected and loved, just like this Earth, this is my view.

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