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  • How to Survive a Bear Attack

    How to Survive a Bear Attack

    You might think you know what to do if you are out and about in the forest and come across a bear, but you might also be dead wrong — in which case, you might end up dead. Prompted by a recent Facebook post from the U.S. National Parks Service sharing some dos and don’ts…

  • Is It Legal To Punch A Kangaroo?

    A video of a man punching a kangaroo has gone viral. To be fair, the bloke was trying to save his dog, but considering the RSPCA is investigating the matter, we can only assume people raised concerns about animal cruelty. Which begs the question: is it legal to punch a kangaroo, even if it’s in…

  • How To Survive A Crocodile Attack

    How To Survive A Crocodile Attack

    Of all the wild animals found in Australia, the crocodile is one of the most intimidating. Its scaly skin, reptilian eyes and sharp teeth make it look like an actual monster. The fact that they kill with a move called a “death roll” doesn’t dissuade fear either. But with a little knowledge, you can avoid…

  • How To Survive A Bear Attack

    How To Survive A Bear Attack

    Bear encounters are less like singing “The Bare Necessities” and more like, “oh crap, I hope there aren’t any bear cubs around.” Here’s what you should do if you’re on a camping holiday in the woods of America and run into a bear in the wild who isn’t as friendly as Baloo.