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Double demerits will be in full force in select states and territories this long weekend. Stuff up just once and you could lose your licence. We explain where double demerits apply and the various traffic offences that are included.


From September 2018, just touching your phone while you're driving could be enough for NSW drivers to lose their license. The number of demerit points for using a phone while driving is set to increase from four to five this year, so drivers should probably brush up on the rules around phone use while driving now.


Car nerds and trackday bros love to talk about their "heel-toe shifting" - which involves manipulating the brake and accelerator simultaneously with one foot. It turns out there’s an easier way to get the same job done: simply ignore the clutch.


Anyone who’s ever browsed the internet has probably come across a video in which someone spins out somewhere and crashes into something. Sure, the drivers of these cars are usually being idiots, but I also want to point out that it’s really easy to lose control of a car travelling at speed. Too easy.


Ford doesn't sell self-driving cars - yet. But some of the associated technology has begun to creep into its commercially available vehicles. Its latest premium SUV, the Ford Escape Titanium, boasts automated brakes that kick in without any input from the driver when it senses an incoming collision. Terrifyingly, we got behind the wheel to test out this feature for ourselves. Here is the video.


If you've ever driven down a lonely rural road in Australian bushland, you already know how much of a menace kangaroos can be. (My old car had the dents to prove it.) Usually, the danger comes from them accidentally bounding into the side of your car. But sometimes, it's a goddamn flying karate kick to your windscreen, because kangaroos are jerks. Just watch this terrifying video for proof. Easy, Skip, he's not worth it...


Depending on who you ask, bicycles are either bona fide vehicles that deserve equal road rights, or a colossal pain in the arse that should be relegated to the footpath. Here's some news that is sure to rile up people in the second camp: police in South Australia have started fining motorists who pass cyclists too closely. Under the new laws, a gap of one metre or less can result in a $347 fine and the loss of two demerit points. We're keen to read your thoughts.


There is no shortage of bicycle helmets with smart-branded extras. Usually it's a music speaker or "gamifiaction" app that actually makes riding less smart and more dangerous. But helmet manufacturer Babaali is offering something that could actually prove useful: a Google Glass-style eyepiece that gives you a live video stream of everything behind you.


Motorcycle Awareness Week is a campaign that brings attention to the risks motorcycle riders face on the roads every day and how to manage them. While it's a New South Wales centric campaign, we're all for promoting road safety for motorcyclists so we're throwing our support behind it by doing a round-up of the top five motorcycle-related articles on Lifehacker Australia.


A new gadget promises to stop drivers texting while on the road. The technology might be sound, but it won't make a lick of difference. Instead, people need to be shamed into not being stupidly dangerous.


If you're in the market for a new car, you may have seen the term "ANCAP safety rating" floating around. This is a regulatory system that rates the likelihood of a serious injury occurring in the event of an accident. The following guide explains how ANCAP ratings are determined and why you shouldn't solely rely on them when comparing different car models. We've also thrown in some general road safety tips that every motorist should follow.


Last week, we put a fleet of BMW sports cars through their paces in a series of intensive driving tests at Eastern Creek Raceway (if you live nearby you probably heard the squealing -- and it wasn't just from wheels.) At speeds nearing 200km/h, we discovered how to survive everything from emergency braking to extreme cornering, culminating in a full hot lap with a professional instructor. Check out the video for a "crash course" in driver safety. If you're a speed-addicted rev-head, these tips might just save your life.