How To Maximise Your Monster Storage In Pokemon GO [Infographic]

Image: Supplied

If you're struggling to manage your monsters and items in Pokemon GO, you're not alone: the game's limited storage space has been causing headaches for countless players. This infographic contains plenty of tips and tricks for better inventory management: from keeping your bag limit in check to the items you should never trash.

[Via SelfStorageFinders]


    Did I miss something? There weren't any tips or tricks?

    No it doesn't? No mention or storage in the photo linked

      Whoops! There was an upload error. This has now been fixed.

    When transfering pokemon, its best to sort by pokemon number rather than name to see if you have the max evolution. Some evolutions will have different beginnings of names (eg. Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume) but have sequential numbers.

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