How To Find Rare And Legendary Monsters In Pokemon GO [Infographic]

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Pokemon GO fever might have died down a little, but it still remains the world's most popular and profitable mobile gaming app by a significant margin. If you're still trying to collect 'em all, this infographic provides some handy hunting tips for the rarest pocket monsters of the bunch.

The infographic below comes from the gambling website CasinoShortlist but don't hold that against it. The tips it contains are actually pretty handy, from base capture rates to tried-and-tested ball throwing tips. It also names the region-specific pokemon that you can basically stop looking for — unless you're planning a trip abroad. Check out the tips and info below:

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[Via CasinoShortlist]


    140,507 to 0

    that's not how odds work...

    I've seen so many people on facebook full on raging about how you can hatch non region pokemon from eggs. I don't get it.

    And for some reason yesterday I saw a 1567 Dragonite standing in the middle of the street, and when I threw a normal pokeball at it on insanely hard difficulty I caught it in one go lol

    Click-bait of the most misleading order? The infographic doesn't say anything of what the title suggests. That's outright lying.

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