Pokemon GO In Numbers: The Incredible Highs And Frustrating Lows [Infographic]

Image: Supplied

Pokemon GO is officially bigger than Jebus. The little pocket monster that could has smashed mobile download records and now has more active users than any gaming app you care to mention. In that time, the game has experienced some astonishing highs and lows, with its phenomenal success tempered by gameplay frustrations and dubious media headlines. This delightfully retro infographic tells the story so far...

The inforgraphic below comes from UK coupon site BarginFox. It breaks down all the astonishing numbers associated with the game, from the revenue generated on the first day of release ($4.5 million) to the average number of downloads per day (an astonishing 6.9 million which works our to 81 per second.)

In addition to the above, the infographic also looks at some of the less savory aspects of the game, including severe battery drain, trespassing on private property and multiple car accidents allegedly caused by players. There are also a handy overview of how the game works for newbies at the end.

[Via BarginFox]


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