iView Is Now Streaming Every Live ABC TV Channel

iView Is Now Streaming Every Live ABC TV Channel

Time to throw away your TV antenna. Every single one of the ABC’s channels can now be streamed live through the national broadcaster’s iView website or through the iView apps for iOS and Android.

Joining Yahoo7’s PLUS7 streams of 7/7Two/7Mate/7Flix, 9Now‘s 9/9Go/9Gem/9Life, and TenPlay’s Channel 10, the new suite of five channels — ABC, ABC2, ABC 3, ABC Kids and ABC News 24 — can all be streamed live through the iView website or through the ‘Watch Live’ section of the ABC iView app for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets.

At the moment, SBS is the only national broadcaster that doesn’t have live streaming of its television channels through the On Demand website or app, while TenPlay doesn’t allow live streaming of ONE or ELEVEN. That means of the major metro channels available, 14 of the 21 are currently streaming online. Unless you really, really like SBS or the Food Network, we think that’s a good enough reason to switch to streaming 24/7.

The ABC’s online live-streaming schedule for iView is based on the NSW Metro calendar, so you might have to do a bit of mental arithmetic with broadcast times in your state. And, best of all, you can use a Google Chromecast dongle to throw that stream from your smartphone or tablet to a big screen — cutting out the need for an antenna entirely. [ABC iView]

In a further nod to acknowledging that audiences are accessing ABC content across multiple devices, ABC is pleased to announce that from today, ABC2, ABC3 and ABC KIDS will be available to watch live, alongside ABC and ABC News 24 on iview. Audiences can now watch any ABC channel live whenever and wherever they like – including on computers, smartphones and tablets.    To stream any ABC channel live on iview visit iview.abc.net.au or download the latest version of the iview app from the App Store or Google Play and head to the channel page to ‘Watch Live’. All live streams reflect ABC’s Sydney, NSW schedule. As well as live streaming, ABC iview offers convenient access to watch all your favourite TV and also original and exclusive content.

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  • Typical east coast centric..
    They only stream the Sydney local news… Like the rest of the country don’t pay taxes too..

    • It doesn’t appear to be in your face and easy to browse, but if you search for the Live Stream on the AppleTV app you should be able to find it

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