Xbox Live Adds SBS, ABC iView Still Looming

Xbox Live Adds SBS, ABC iView Still Looming

From an Australian perspective, the most pertinent feature of the recent Xbox dashboard update was the promised addition of local media channels direct to the device. Two of those options have gone live today, with SBS On Demand and ninemsn video being added, along with YouTube. But what about ABC iView?

The new apps can be voice-controlled via Kinect, which provides a potentially interesting alternative to the remote control. The release also fits the previously vague scheduling of “this summer”.

We’ve had a few Lifehacker readers ask when the promised ABC iView integration will appear. An Xbox spokesperson told us the official timing was still “sometime in December”, but couldn’t offer more specific details.


  • SBS On Demand on Xbox is about a million times easier to navigate from your TV, compared to the browser based interface. The voice commands also work pretty well.

  • I concur, the SBS On Demand app is without peer. Frankly, the Foxtel on Xbox team need to go away and learn from what SBS has done to fix their complete abomination they call an app.

    The one thing I’m not happy about with the SBS app is that the Y Key is assigned to Search. Those who’ve used the system video player will know that Y has always been assigned to play.

    As a consequence of this, you play content have to press A twice once you’ve found the item you want. A small UX/UI issue granted, but still one which adds just a little frustration for those who frequently use their Xbox for video playback.

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