ABC iView For Chromecast Working On iOS, Soon For Android

ABC iView For Chromecast Working On iOS, Soon For Android

When the Chromecast streaming dongle from Google officially launched in Australia back in May, we were told that apps to enable easy streaming of the ABC’s excellent iView catch-up service was in development. Looks like that development work is almost done.

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The ABC has added “experimental” support for streaming to Chromecast to its iOS app in the latest version (3.2.1). Oddly, despite the Chromecast’s Google origins, Android users will have to wait a little longer:

The delay isn’t exactly surprising: the iView app for Android only appeared last December, some 18 months after its iOS equivalent. Wider hardware variation on Android devices is likely to be the culprit here.


  • Why in this day and age when market share of Android eclipses IOS considerably, do they release on IOS 1st…. to work with a Google device no less. Wake up Devs, Android is now the Elephant, feed it!!!

    • Most Android phones are replacements for “feature” phones, or are owned by people who have no interest in streaming.
      iPhone users are by far the biggest group interested in mobile streaming. ABC is releasing in the correct order.

      • Explain how you you know this, please Mr. Fanboy. Facts and figures would be useful, not blanket statements insulting an entire user group..

      • That’s not true at all, I used to sell phones for the largest US carrier and believe me, more people with iPhones use them to replace feature phones than android. It is easier for developers to program for idevices because there are far fewer models and iOS is not customized by different user interfaces and widelyvarying haradware. Most smartphone users are interested in streaming, it’s a little stupid to label the majority of smartphone users as not interested in streaming.

      • You’re incorrect. From StatCounter figures, Android streaming media market share is 11%, vs 9% for iOS.

    • iOS is, on average, used by a higher socio-demographic group that is more likely to watch the ABC. The ABC would have compare usage on both iOS and Android to determine where to invest their development dollars. I don’t have the stats but it is common sense and my comment is made without any allegiance to either platform (i have both). I also agree with seekerofknowledge’s comments.

  • Being able to cast iview will open up a whole world of convenience and fun for me. Hopefully it will also inspire the other networks to do the same.

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