Campbell Simpson

  • MSY’s Website Is A Lesson In Hubris

    Pride comes before the fall. MSY Technology — “the name you can trust” in cheap computer parts — now has a massive ACCC court notice plastered on its website right underneath its logo, a week after it was fined $750,000 for misleading and deceptive conduct towards customers.

  • ‘You Changed Horse In Mid-Stream’: Kevin Rudd On Turnbull’s NBN

    In 2009, then-Prime Minister and Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd launched the National Broadband Network — building fibre infrastructure to 93 per cent of Australian homes, the largest public works project in Australian history. In the last eight years, though, the NBN has transformed drastically — including a fundamental change in design after the 2013…

  • Wi-Fi’s Most Popular Encryption May Have Been Cracked

    Your home Wi-Fi might not be as secure as you think. WPA2 — the de facto standard for Wi-Fi password security worldwide — may have been compromised, with huge ramifications for almost all of the Wi-Fi networks in our homes and businesses as well as for the networking companies that build them. Details are still…