ABC launches free iView online TV service

ABC launches free iView online TV service

ABC iView (called Playback during its beta period) has now been opened up to all Australian Internet users, offering access to a fair chunk of the national broadcaster’s output on full-screen streaming video across six channels. Unlike the Windows-only ABC Shop Download, the site is accessible on any browser supporting Flash (so Windows, Mac and Linux users all have options). There’s plenty to keep you entertained: a rough calculation suggests there’s already about 80 hours of programming on the service, the news channel will be updated on a daily basis, and the ABC has promised additional channels in the future. iView is free to access (via an Australian connection; the service is blocked overseas). As with all streaming media, you’ll need to keep an eye on your download cap if you use the service extensively — unless you’re with iiNet, which is excluding iView from its quota.


  • This seems to be the ABC’s attempt to emulate the BBC’s services. Unfortunately they have decided to implement the whole service in one big Flash site rather than taking the YouTube (and BBC) model and limiting Flash use to just the video streaming. The whole site, including navigation and show listing, are hamstrung inside one big flash window with all the typical flash-only-site problems such as counterintuitive navigation, accessibility problems, and cross-platform issues.

    It’s also very “flashy” and must have cost a fortune! As a ABC share holder (i.e. a tax payer 🙂 I am a bit put off by this. The ABC should focus on content and mature delivery methods and not waste money on flashy spinning boxes.

    I’d encourage everyone to take a look at iView (warning: don’t accidentally press the back button!). If you feel strongly about the Flash heavy approach, I’d encourage you to post your objections on this thread on the ABC website.

    Lets hope we can force them to re-evaluation their development direction !

  • I ran this no problem on my ADSL, why is auntie putting people off by saying they must have ADSL2??
    Hats off to the ABC for getting this great service going.

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