Xbox Live To Add ABC iView And SBS On Demand

Xbox Live already offers a way to access selected Foxtel channels, but that doesn't come for free. So the announcement of plans to offer streaming services from the ABC (iView) and SBS (On Demand) to Australian customers is welcome news.

Unfortunately, we don't have a specific date for when that will happen: the press release only says it will be "in the coming months", and notes that it will include gesture and voice-based control via Kinect. It also seems unlikely that watching iView in this way will be unmetered, as that hasn't generally happened with other non-PC iView platforms such as TV sets. But using an Xbox 360 to access iView will still be a lot simpler for many people than setting up a dedicated lounge room PC.


    It would be good if Microsoft didn't insist on Gold membership for access to these - but I guess they have to cover their overheads somehow.

    I presume this means that SBS will be coming to Playstation as well.

    Now I don't want to sound like a fanboy, I have both systems - but my PS3 has had this for ages. Its free.

    It does not require me to sign up to anything, it just works. On top of those channels it also has channel 7.

    And a 24 hour music channel, with multiple sub stations. Just saying.

    Technically, this should be unmetered for iiNet users as Xbox Live is unmetered by iiNet (iView is also unmetered if you use the iiNet's Freezone portal).

    Iview is free to download and free to use. SBS on demand is free to download but when you try and view anything you are told you MUST upgrade to a paid yearly subscription of xbox.

    Not sure how that works they also require you to pay to use Youtube over xbox. My samsung tv has iview and youtube as well as bbc etc and its all 100% free. not sure why a state owned tv station like sbs can ask Australians to pay to watch it. after all their web site has the same content FREE.

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