Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted Brexit news, work expenses on the ATO’s hit list and 40 delicious cheeseburger recipes. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. The Best Exercises To Look Great Naked
    Being strong and healthy is nice and important, but the reason a lot of us exercise is to look good. These aesthetically-focused exercises won’t make you hot overnight, but in combination with a healthy diet, they will give you the best bang for your workout buck so you look good dressed up — or undressed.
  2. Britain Votes To Leave The EU, Here’s What Happens Next
    Britain looks on course to leave the EU. This is having an immediate effect on markets. It will have immediate political ramifications too. David Cameron will, fairly soon, need to decide if he can continue in his role as British prime minister. Here’s what you need to know.
  3. What Might A ‘Brexit’ Mean For Australia?
    On 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom will vote in a referendum on whether or not to withdrawal from the European Union — a scenario popularly known as the “Brexit”. While these happenings are half a world away, the outcome could have political ramifications around the globe — including Australia. Monash University’s Ben Wellings investigates.
  4. The New, Unofficial Dress Code For Corporate Australia
    The relaxing of dress codes at professional services companies, which have long been considered one the most grey and traditional sectors, isn’t a green light to swap the suit for jeans. A formal black t-shirt might work for a startup but the services sector is still dressing up even if the trend is to drop formal rules. The latest to ditch its old dress code for its 6000 staff in Australia was PwC. We take a look at a the new dress code rules for corporate Australia.
  5. How Much Are Your Old, Failed Gadgets Worth? [Infographic]
    The history of technology is littered with discontinued products that failed to enter the mainstream — from unsupported home entertainment platforms to computing systems that were beyond their time. Despite ending up in discount bins at the time of release, these gadgets can now command top dollar on eBay and the like. This infographic looks at 12 dead and largely forgotten tech products that regularly sell for hundreds of dollars online.
  6. Every Device Apple Is Making Obsolete With Its New Operating Systems
    Last weeek, Apple paraded out iOS 10 and the newly dubbed macOS Sierra, but what they didn’t mention was all the devices that won’t work on the new operating system.
  7. 40 Mouth-Watering American Burger Recipes For Your BBQ
    The Cheese And Burger Society is a Wisconsin-based gourmet collective dedicated to US-style cheese burgers. Over the years, the society has hand-crafted 40 burgers that it considers the tastiest ever created: from the “Casanova” (Swiss cheese, beef patty, ham, sautéed mushrooms, Dijon mustard and mayonnaise on a potato roll) to the “Waldorf” (blue cheese, beef patty, toasted walnuts, dried tart cherries, curly endive, sliced red onions and mustard on a rustic Italian roll.)
  8. We Got An Accountant To Share His Top Tax Return Tips
    Tax time. Not the most exciting time for many people but it’s something we can’t avoid. Having said that, if you know how to do it right, you could be in line for a juicy tax return. Lifehacker Australia spoke with an accountant from H&R Block for some useful tax time tips.
  9. Why KickassTorrents Is The King Of The Pirate Sites
    As another season of Game of Thrones approaches its finale, legit streaming services have failed to slake our thirst for piracy –– with KickassTorrents becoming one of the world’s most popular websites. While The Pirate Bay tends to make more headlines, efforts to knock it offline last year saw rival KickassTorrents steal its crown as the world’s most popular BitTorrent search engine, according to Amazon’s web traffic tracker Alexa.
  10. What Work Expenses Can You Claim On Your Tax Return? [Quiz]
    Doing your own taxes has never been easier, with the ATO’s Online Tax Return taking less than 15 minutes to complete on average. However, it’s important to know how expenses work and what can and can’t be claimed prior to filing your tax return. This multiple-choice questionnaire from the Australian Taxation Office is designed to test your knowledge on the subject. How many did you get right?

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