What Work Expenses Can You Claim On Your Tax Return? [Quiz]

What Work Expenses Can You Claim On Your Tax Return? [Quiz]

Doing your own taxes has never been easier, with the ATO’s Online Tax Return taking less than 15 minutes to complete on average. However, it’s important to know how expenses work and what can and can’t be claimed prior to filing your tax return. This multiple-choice questionnaire from the Australian Taxation Office is designed to test your knowledge on the subject. How many did you get right?

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The short quiz below will help you to determine how well you understand what expenses you can claim on your tax return. The questions primarily focus on common expenses claimed by individuals; there’s nothing too complicated, in other words. If you get more than a couple wrong, you might want to go to an accountant! For more information about what work-related expenses can or can’t be claimed, head to the ATO’s website.

[Via ATO]

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