Every Device Apple Is Making Obsolete With Its New Operating Systems

Every Device Apple Is Making Obsolete With Its New Operating Systems

Yesterday, Apple paraded out iOS 10 and the newly dubbed macOS Sierra, but what they didn’t mention was all the devices that won’t work on the new operating system. Apple’s keeping support strong for a lot of devices, but it’s still cutting a good portion off. Here’s what won’t be able to join the party this spring.

iOS 10 Will Not Support These Devices

  • iPad 1, 2, 3
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch 5th Generation and Older
  • iPhone 4S and Older Models

macOS Sierra Will Not Support These Macs

  • MacBook (Early 2009 and older)
  • iMac (Early 2009 and older)
  • MacBook Air (2009 and older)
  • MacBook Pro (2010 and older)
  • Mac Mini (2010 and older)
  • Mac Pro (2010 and older)

It’s not a terribly surprising list, but considering that not much has changed in the Mac space since 2009, it might be a bit of a surprise that Apple doesn’t plan on supporting those older models.


    • Indeed not, its Apples planned obsolescence, while its great (as an iPhone user myself) that an iPhone gets 4 to 6 years of OS updates. Apple just love to make things obsolete for no other reason than to force people to upgrade.

      • If you had used an iPad 2 with iOS 9 you would understand why, the experience is not that great, I can only imagine it would be similar or worse on an iPhone 4S.

        • I used an iPhone 4 with iOS7, that was pretty bad, but for no good reason, they just want it to run bad on older devices to force hardware updates.

          Ideally they should decouple the functionality somewhat. Command Center could have been added without the need for new OS, Safari could be updated without needing to update iOS.

          Apple has 2 things going for it
          1) Its a little less hackable than Android
          2) The updates (whilst one is elligable) are much better (at least since i last dealt with it on android)

          But allowing devices to last longer, may mean fewer upgraders in the short term, it maintains loyalty to the platform. Currently I upgrade iPhones every 4 years (because the phone runs the new OS abysmally), in 2 years time i have to decide if i switch to android, if they have sorted out their update issues so that my phone can run the latest for longer there is a good chance ill switch.

  • I don’t so much mind the lack of support for certain platforms (though instead of dictating what is and isn’t an acceptable performance to me, let me downgrade my iOS to one that works if the new bells and whistles are too much). My major dislike is what seems to be an ungraceful way of handling app compatibility – apps either do or don’t support an iOS version even though there is no real reason to prevent it running on earlier versions.

    • even though there is no real reason to prevent it running on earlier versions.
      That will depend on API calls and how IOS has changed over time.
      Just how a game designed for Direct X 10 in Windows 7+ wont work on your Windows 95 machine.

  • The A7 chip, Apple’s 64bit CPU in the iPhone 5S, should last a while as its plenty fast.
    Core2Duo on the otherhand is looking long in the tooth. However, I can’t see why the Mac Pro should be discontinued for Sierra since savvy users can upgrade other components.

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