Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted games that used less data, Raspberry Pi 2 insights and McDonald's burgers that weren't cold when they arrived. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Revealed: The Top Five Data-Hogging Mobile Games On The Planet
    US software giant Citrix has released its latest Mobile Analytics Report, which looks at how consumers and businesses use their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Among the facts and figures that caught out eye was a table revealing the top five mobile games ranked by data volume in 2015. If you're on a tight data allowance, the following apps are definitely best avoided…
  2. Killer Interview Question: How Many Birthday Posts Appear On Facebook Each Day?
    Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: How many birthday posts appear on Facebook each day?
  3. Ask LH: Is It Illegal To Have A Camera Installed In Your Swimming Pool?
    Hey Lifehacker, Is it illegal to have cameras installed in home swimming pools? I want to rig one up for a variety of purposes, but don't want to get fined for doing so! Any advice?
  4. Four Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Healthier Person
    If you're completely satisfied with your health, don't read this article. This is not for you. Give yourself a pat on the back, and save yourself the scrolling. For the rest of you, approach what I'm about to say with an open mind, and maybe you can come out of this a fitter person.
  5. Raspberry Pi 2: Australian Hands-On
    The Raspberry Pi 2 was announced last week to mostly positive reactions from enthusiasts, despite no warning of its impending release. The upgraded board computer boasts a quad-core 900MHz ARMv7 SoC and 1GB of RAM over its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi B+, while retaining the same dimensions and a good deal of backwards-compatibility. The Pi 2 arrived at the perfect time for me — I wanted to build a media centre with some flexibility, and the board offered the perfect compromise between tweaking and ease-of-use.
  6. Gallipoli And Better Call Saul: The Australian TV Streaming Brawl Is On
    Netflix still hasn't officially arrived, but the battle over who has the best shows available on key streaming services in Australia has now well and truly started. Stan last night put the entirety of Nine's Gallipoli mini-series online ahead of its TV broadcast, while made a swoop on another of Stan's key titles, Better Call Saul.
  7. Ask LH: Are Bodyweight Exercises Effective?
    Dear Lifehacker, I like the idea of getting a workout without extra equipment, but some people tell me it isn't effective enough to really build muscle. Is that true? Are bodyweight exercises effective?
  8. Taste Test: McDonald's Home Delivery Service Is Kind Of Awful
    There are some things in life that just go hand in hand: peaches and cream, Simon & Garfunkel, jockey shorts and Ryan Gosling. Unfortunately, it would seem McDonald's and home delivery do not make a perfect duo. In fact, the results are pretty horrendous.
  9. How To Install Free, Effective Antivirus Software (For Beginners)
    Anyone running a Windows computer knows how important it is to have good anti-virus software — but you don't need to pay for good protection! If someone you know still doesn't have anti-virus software running, here's a quick guide you can send them to help them set it up.
  10. Remove An Unsightly Tree Stump The Cheap And Easy Way
    Stumps are not only ugly, but they're a tripping hazard. If you leave them high enough, you have a solid seat, but most homeowners want them out. There are two ways to remove a stump: one takes time, the other takes money.


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