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You wanted: 1Gbps NBN plans, folding Samsung Galaxy X phone news and the worst FTTP installation of all time. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Samsung's Folding 'Galaxy X' Phone Just Got Leaked Majorly
    While I haven't met anyone who is desperate for a folding phone of their own, many people are nevertheless curious about what such a phone would look like, feel like and operate like. New information out of Bloomberg has unearthed an Aladdin's cave of insights on the upcoming prototype.
  2. Report: Google Wants To Charge You A Monthly Fee For Android Apps
    The era of owning the mobile phone apps you pay for could be on the wane. There is mounting evidence that Google is working on a new 'Play Pass' subscription service for the Android platform. Instead of paying for individual app downloads, users will be charged a flat, monthly fee to access multiple applications. Here's what we know so far.
  3. Worst... FTTP Install... Ever!
    The image above was shared on the Facebook page Hills District Dads (HDD) Sydney under the caption 'Fibre aggregation node. NBN style.' Um. Just what the hell is going on?
  4. The World's First Folding Smartphone Is Here - And It's Kind Of Crappy
    The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy X has been beaten at the final hurdle. A rival manufacturer from China has unveiled the world's first folding smartphone, a 7.8-inch monster allegedly powered by a Snapdragon 8150 CPU.
  5. Apple's New iPad Pro Looks Like A Giant iPhone X
    Tomorrow Apple will hold a special event in New York where it is widely expected a new iPad Pro will be revealed. An icon hidden deep inside iOS 12 appears to reveal what the device will look like. Intriguingly, there is no home button and the corners are now rounded - just like the iPhone X.
  6. Use This App To Enable The Pixel 3's Camera Features On Older Pixel Smartphone Models
    Some of the most exciting new features on Google’s Pixel 3 and 3 XL smartphones are their new camera features, such as Night Sight (more accurate colour and lighting-enhancements for dark photos) and Top Shot, which helps pick the best photo among a burst of shots you’ve taken.
  7. Five Things To Consider Before Switching To The NBN [Infographic]
    By 2020, every household in Australia is expected to connect to the NBN - and those who don't will have a raft of telecommunications products and services switched off. The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has put together an infographic explaining five things you need to know to ensure the big switch runs as smoothly as possible.
  8. Oh Crap, Rick And Morty Is Leaving Netflix
    Is Rick And Morty one of those shows that you've had on your Netflix list for forever, just waiting for the right time to binge it? Well, it's now or never - the series is leaving Netflix next week, and it may not be coming back.
  9. Everything Coming To Australian Netflix This Week (Oct 29)
    This week we're moving from October to November - so from Halloween to the start of the early Christmas season. Here are the newly added shows and movies you can catch this week, October 29 to November 4, on Netflix.
  10. NBN Co Has Launched A 1Gbps Speed Tier For The Big End Of Town
    NBN Co has launched a new Enterprise Ethernet product over its broadband access network for business and government customers. Boasting point-to-point fibre connections with 'symmetrical' speeds of up to 1Gbps, it has been billed as the network's first internationally compliant wholesale offering. Here are the details.


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