How Much Are Your Old, Failed Gadgets Worth? [Infographic]

The history of technology is littered with discontinued products that failed to enter the mainstream — from unsupported home entertainment platforms to computing systems that were beyond their time. Despite ending up in discount bins at the time of release, these gadgets can now command top dollar on eBay and the like. This infographic looks at 12 dead and largely forgotten tech products that regularly sell for hundreds of dollars online.

The infographic below comes from credit card company TotallyMoney. As you can see below, some technologies that famously crashed and burned have since appreciated in price thanks to the collector’s market. The fact they failed to sell in huge numbers has made them rare and for some people, that’s more than enough reason to want one. If you have an old Betamax player, Sega Saturn or Mini Disc player collecting dust in your cupboard, you may want to get it properly appraised.

Just be aware that included accessories, packaging and overall condition will play a big role in determining what collectors are willing to spend. Good luck!

[Via TotallyMoney]

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