Optus Is Offering Unlimited Data On ADSL, Cable And NBN Plans

Optus Is Offering Unlimited Data On ADSL, Cable And NBN Plans

Here’s some great news for streaming addicts: Optus has extended its unlimited data plans to all broadband bundles including ADSL 2+, cable and NBN. The new plans are available to new and recontracting customers across a range of plans.

From today, customers signing up to Optus’ NBN, cable and ADSL 2+ plans will receive unlimited data.

Customers connected to the NBN, or Optus’ cable or ADSL 2+ networks can choose between a range of bundles, including:

  • “My Basics” ($60 per month) with unlimited standard local calls to landlines
  • “My Entertainment” ($90 per month) which offers unlimited standard local, national and mobile calls, and Yes TV by Fetch with a Connect Pack
  • “My Entertainment Plus” ($120 per month) with unlimited standard local, national, mobile and international calls to selected countries, with Yes TV by Fetch with an Entertainment Pack

Customers on the Optus’ DSL network can also score unlimited data on either the Basics ($90 per month) or Reach Entertainment Plus plan ($120 per month). You can also save an additional $20 a month when your bundle an Optus postpaid mobile plan with one of the aforementioned broadband bundles.

All plans are on a 24 months contract and have a total minimum expenditure of between $1440 and $3005, depending on which plan you plump for.

It’s worth noting that Optus’ “Fair Go” policy applies to the above plans. This gives Optus the right to halt customers’ service is it deems their use to be “unreasonable” or “unacceptable”. This includes using the service in a way which could not be reasonably regarded as ordinary personal use and “– abnormal or excessive use of back to base services”.


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