Optus Extends $90 Unlimited Broadband Offering To All Customers

Last year, Optus offered HFC customers unlimited cable broadband for $90 a month. Now, the same deal has been extended to ADSL2+ and NBN Fibre network users. (That's a monthly price reduction of $25 compared to Optus' previous pricing.)

If you have excessive data needs, Optus' revised unlimited broadband plans might be worth a look. From today, customers who sign up to a Broadband + Home Phone Bundle, Entertainment Bundle or Big Home Bundle plan on a 24-month contract will pay $90 a month instead of the previous $115. All three plans work out to a minimum total cost of $2160 over 24 months.

The deal includes unlimited data (downloads and uploads), unlimited calls to Australian mobile and landline numbers and free calls to a number of overseas destinations. You’ll also get the basic Fetch TV bundle which recently launched seven new channels, including BBC First, UKTV, The Food Network, Universal Channel and Nat Geo Wild.

The plans are available over Optus’ HFC, ADSL2+ and NBN Fibre networks. The offer ends on 7 April 2015.


    yeah but the speeds are a joke, 30/2 for cable and 12/1 foe nbn

      25/5 standard on all optus unlimited nbn plans - 50/20 for $10 more, 100/40 for $20 more

    Huh, great news. Can't wait to get my NBN later this year .

    Last edited 09/02/15 4:02 pm

    I wonder if this includes us who still have cable internet? I'll have to give them a call.

      The $90 unlimited cable bundle (https://www.optus.com.au/shop/broadband/bundles/90-superfast-cable) is still the best value if you're on cable. It includes unlimited data, unlimited calls (national, mobile & some international), FetchTV + Entertainment pack. These other plans included unlimited data and various combinations of phone calls and Fetch TV. Plus based on reports on the whirlpool forums, most customers are able to get the premium speed pack thrown in for free with a little persistence.

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