Make Crispier, Fluffier Waffles With Perfectly Whipped Egg Whites

Make Crispier, Fluffier Waffles With Perfectly Whipped Egg Whites

Some people think you can just toss some pancake batter into a waffle maker and call it good. Not so. If you really want a great waffle, the secret is some carefully whipped egg whites.

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As Tami Weiser at The Kitchn explains, the major differences between pancake batter and waffle batter are two major ingredients: sugar and egg whites. The sugar helps the waffle crisp up and caramelize on the exterior, and the egg whites do the same thing while also adding some much desired fluffiness.

The egg whites have to be whipped to soft-peak stage, though, so you create tiny air pockets. Then you have to fold them into the waffle batter very carefully so they hold as much air as possible. Weiser says if you can still see streaks of egg whites in the batter, you've done it right.

If you're still not getting the fluffiness you want, adding a little carbonated water to your batter will practically guarantee it. You can find a great from-scratch waffle recipe below if you don't have a favourite already.

How to Make the Lightest, Crispiest Waffles [The Kitchn]


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