Make Fluffier, Souffle-Like Pancakes

The secret to airy and fluffy pancakes? According to an executive chef at a restaurant in Baltimore's Four Seasons Hotel, it's all about the eggs — and lots of them.

Photo by rcstanley

Chef Clayton Miller of the Wit and Wisdom tavern folds in extra whipped egg whites. His trick for the fluffiest pancakes ever involves gently folding three whipped egg whites into the batter, which already has two whole eggs and two egg yolks.

The result is "soufflé pancakes" that are light and airy like soufflés (without being temperamental). Hit the link for more details.

Fluffiest Pancakes Ever — in 8 Easy Steps [Shine via The Kitchn]


    Yep. This very traditional. And they taste wonderful. But in the 21st century, we use baking powder. :) and just as tastie. Well that's I I did them in the 3 resturants I owned. And you would love to know how we made every steak super tender every time as well...

      Please share your steak wisdom!

        agreed - mroe steak wisdom required
        please post

    I have done this for ages, but not that many eggs. I use one egg spit into yolk and white. Whisk whites until close to stiff peaks and then fold it through batter.

      This :)

      ...but with 2 eggs

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