Revealed: The Most Sought-After Job Skills In Each Australian State

If you're looking for work, it pays to know which skills are in demand so you can adjust your resume and pick up additional qualifications as needed. The following report from online recruitment agency Search Party reveals the top ten skills employers are currently looking for in each Australian state and territory.

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Search Party previously released the top ten skills in Australia based on the most commonly requested skills from employers. Now, it has broken down its data state by state.

While sales and accounting came out on top nationally, that was not the case for all states and territory. Depending on where you live, these are the skills you might want to consider honing:


  1. Accountancy
  2. Sales
  3. Business Development
  4. Contract Management
  5. Key Performance Indicators
  6. Mentoring
  7. SAP
  8. Administrative Support
  9. Collaboration
  10. Repair


  1. Mentoring
  2. Sales
  3. Accountancy
  4. Business Development
  5. Key Performance Indicators
  6. Contract Management
  7. Policy Development
  8. Store Management
  9. Administrative Support
  10. First Aid


  1. Accountancy
  2. Sales
  3. Contract Management
  4. Business Development
  5. Mentoring
  6. Repair
  7. Key Performance Indicators
  8. Procurement
  9. SAP
  10. Data Entry

South Australia

  1. Accountancy
  2. Sales
  3. Repair
  4. Screening
  5. Business Development
  6. Contract Management
  7. Store Management
  8. Merchandising
  9. Cleaning
  10. Data Entry

Western Australia

  1. Repair
  2. Accountancy
  3. Contract Management
  4. Business Development
  5. Forklift Operation
  6. SAP
  7. Sales
  8. Key Performance Indicators
  9. Screening
  10. Store Management

Northern Territory

  1. Contract Management
  2. Repair
  3. Merchandising
  4. Store Management
  5. Accountancy
  6. Business Development
  7. Key Performance Indicators
  8. Forklift Operation
  9. SAP
  10. Procurement


  1. Health and Human Services
  2. Mentoring
  3. Policy Development
  4. Repair
  5. Accountancy
  6. Student Learning Outcomes
  7. Business Development
  8. Administrative Support
  9. Store Management
  10. Sales

Australian Capital Territory

  1. Contract Management
  2. Procurement
  3. Accountancy
  4. Administrative Support
  5. Business Development
  6. Business Analysis
  7. SAP
  8. ITIL
  9. Business Process
  10. Mentoring

According to Search Party CEO Ben Hutt, there has been a shift across Australian towards "soft" skills such as business development, sales and contract management. There's also good news for developers willing to learn new skills in emerging industries:

“New and emerging jobs such as data scientists and user experience (UX) designers will be highly popular in 2016,” Hutt explained. "Companies are getting more sophisticated with how they use data and it is defining business success...Interaction design is becoming more and more important as brands engage consumers from slick websites to integrated brand engagement across wearable devices."

[Via Business Insider]


    So these are among the most sought-after job skills.

    Key Performance Indicators

    I wonder if they represent unfilled vacancies because they're poorly defined?

    KPI's - how are they a skill?
    Mentoring - in what subject area?
    Repair - of what, washing machines, tax policy. the health system?
    Screening - cancer victims, potential recruits, nursery seedlings, privacy barriers?

    I used to have little faith in the recruitment industry, now I have less.

      Well said! I thought the exact same thing as soon as a saw KPI as a skill?

      Spot on. When I saw mentoring I thought "Like, what, street kids or something?"

      Leave it to recruitment agencies to just spit out meaningless buzzwords and further confuse people.

    Sounds more like the top ten words used in job descriptions.

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