Are These The Ten Fattest Professions In Australia?

Australia is one of the fattest nations on Earth. While eating habits play a large role, your job can also have an adverse effect on your waistline — especially if it involves long stints of inactivity. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has allegedly conducted a poll to uncover which industries have the most overweight workers. Here are the results.

According to numerous online news reports, the below ABS statistics were commissioned by weight loss organisation Jenny Craig. If the results can be believed, Australia's most obese profession is the mining sector, followed by transport, postal and warehousing.

Here are the Top 10 sectors with the most overweight or obese employees:

  1. Mining (78.2%)
  2. Transport, postal and warehousing (74.8%)
  3. Wholesale trade (69.7%)
  4. Agriculture, forestry and fishing (69.3%)
  5. Public administration and safety (68.4%)
  6. Manufacturing (67.3%)
  7. Financial and insurance services (65.2%)
  8. Construction (64.5%)
  9. Electricity, gas, water and waste services (64.3%)
  10. Rental, hiring and real estate services (63.7%)

We feel compelled to point out that neither Jenny Craig nor the ABS have officially published these findings online. The sample size and methodology therefore remain a mystery. For now, we'd take these results with a grain of salt; especially when it comes to the percentages.

If you have a sedentary office job and are overweight, there are choices you can make to cut down on the flab without quitting. Start by monitoring your diet and walking for 30 minutes per day. For more weight-loss tips, head to our Vitals section.


    Essentially none of those listed are professions, they are all industries. A truck driver will state their profession as just that, not a "Transport, warehousing & postal professional".

    I worked from a mining town for a fortnight (mostly abseiling inside a nearby penstock).
    I ate only one meal each day, from the local restaurant, and never managed to finish it.
    They seriously feed the hell outa miners.

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