Domino’s Pizza Driver Tracking Is A Lot Closer

Domino’s Pizza Driver Tracking Is A Lot Closer

Not content with knowing that your pizza has left the store and is, traffic willing, on its way? Domino’s has made good on a promise from earlier this year and said delivery vehicle tracking for its Android and iOS apps will be fully rolled out in Australia and New Zealand on 1 July.

That means you can accurately predict when the delivery will arrive (and have time to put your pants back on). Both the iOS and Android apps will be updated to add direct vehicle tracking. As we noted when this was first announced, it may not make a huge difference if you know where your pizza is being delivered from, but it could be a handy way of shutting up hungry friends. For Domino’s, it also provides a way of monitoring unsafe driver behaviour — no-one wants to die delivering a pizza.


  • I find it endlessly yet equally amusing/annoying that I can track a pizza delivery to almost the exact minute, and coles/woolies can narrow down my grocery delivery to the nearest half hour on their website, yet Australia Post can’t even nail down the specific day I will be receiving a package for some deliveries. Why isn’t Australia Post using this kind of tracking?

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