The Jagged Desktop

The Jagged Desktop

Sharp points and angles are the theme of Mahmoud's desktop. While it's certainly dramatic, we also love the way he's customised it to fit his style and his workflow. Here's how he set everything up.

Mahmoud notes there's a lot of customisation here, but the basic effect is very achievable. Here's what you'll need if you want to bring the same look to your Windows machine:

There are a lot of moving parts, but the bulk of what you would consider the "core look" of the desktop comes from that first skin, Sharpen. The rest you can take or leave as you like, but Mahmoud wanted something really special, and customised for his needs (we really like how he used two skins for the clock in the centre.) If you have questions about how you can set the same thing up, or if you run into issues with your config, hit him up on Flickr at the link below. Let him know we sent you, and love his work!

desktop [Flickr]


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