• See Behind Your Computer Using Your Selfie Camera

    When you plug stuff into the back of your monitor, computer, or TV, you have a few options, all annoying. You can go fumble blindly with your hand. You can bend under the monitor and bump your head. Or you can pull the whole thing away from the wall. But tech reporter Marques Brownlee has…

  • The Interactive ‘Easy A’ Desktop

    The Interactive ‘Easy A’ Desktop

    Although this week’s featured desktop doesn’t come with many bells and whistles, inaudiblewhisper did something really neat: created a desktop with a dynamic piece of paper where the handwritten note changes based on statistics and other activity.

  • The Wraparound Workspace

    The Wraparound Workspace

    What do you do when you have three beautiful curved ultrawide displays? Mount them side-by-side for a glorious, pixel-packed super-wide experience, like elliotvs did with his workspace. Here’s a closer look.

  • The Distant Pyramid Desktop

    The Distant Pyramid Desktop

    Our friend Dobbie03 makes some great-looking Linux desktops, and this one is no exception. Having recently moved back to Manjaro after a tryst with Arch, he built this desktop with a few easy-to-download components. Here’s how you can set it up, too.