The Modern Desktop

The Modern Desktop

Flickr user Greg put this desktop together using Windows 7. It combines some things we like about the flat design in Windows 8 with a little depth elsewhere and some well-placed, very useful widgets. Here's how he set it up.

This desktop is pretty simple and the pieces are interchangeable enough that you can easily leave out parts you don't particularly care for. If you want the same look, here's what you'll need to set it all up:

That's a lot of moving parts, but that's everything required! Greg also switched the default Windows 7 Aero theme to its darkest setting, which we think is appropriate given everything else going on here. The best part about this setup is that it works for him, but if you'd like something different, or think it's too busy, you can always take or leave the skins and themes you like to create your own setup — it's up to you.

Desktop [Flickr]


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