Please Don’t Destroy Retro Consoles To Make These Monstrosities

Please Don’t Destroy Retro Consoles To Make These Monstrosities
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Classic game systems deserve to be cherished, repaired and, above all, played on. Not turned into lunchboxes or wallets. That’s wrong on so many levels.

Yet that’s what MAKE is advocating in a piece that looks over some of the more unusual ways you can hack an old games console or system to suit other purposes. Muscle-controlled Guitar Hero is kind of cool, but the rest are just destructive, and not even that innovative.

I generally don’t have a problem with recycling, but these are just plain WRONG. So don’t. You wouldn’t want to make me unhappy — would you?

7 Clever Reuses for Retro Video Game Consoles [MAKE]


  • I guess it’s better than ending up in the bin. It’s only worth something if someone wants it. I mean I have three NES that need new cartridge connectors. Too lazy to fix them right now, but I will fix them. What’s a general pleb going to do with that? They’d just think it’s rubbish.

  • My gripe is with people not walking on the left. But you don’t see me using my job/fame/name to reach out to tell the masses about it. What people do with their shit is their own business.

  • I hate seeing Power Gloves modded in ways that don’t require gutting a Power Glove and throwing half of it in the bin. If you’re absolutely dedicated to the idea of using a Power Glove you can make a non-functional knock-off pretty easily, and if you want something that doesn’t feel like crap you can make your own superior Power Glove inspired design. It’s like smashing antique cars for the hub caps.
    I wonder what it would take to setup part of my workshop for the production of ‘vintage’, non-functional gaming equipment. I’m guessing most people using this stuff would insist on using real gear rather than buying mine.

  • Pft, Nostalgia-glorifying twaddle. Do what you want with the things you have, turn it into a cat box or a door stop or a purse or a box for your pens.

    If you absolutely have to play the games, get an emulator and play them, but don’t cling to antiquated technology because its somehow ‘respectful’

  • Got to agree with the majority here. If the equipment is not being used or displayed, and isn’t going to be, then it’s junk. Why not make something out of it? Same with books. I love real, paper books. I might feel bad seeing someone tear or cut up a book to make a piece of art or furniture, but I know I can’t read every book ever, and there’s still going to be a piece of art or furniture at the end of it.

  • Totally disagree! I have never understood this sentimentality and applaud the reuse of out-of-date tech.

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