Prevent Running Shoe Blisters With A 'Lace Lock'

Prevent Running Shoe Blisters With a

If you get blisters on your heels, or if your heels tend to slip around in your shoes when the trail gets rocky, there's an easy solution. You know that extra weird shoelace hole at the ankle of your running shoes? You can use it to tie a lace lock.

A lace lock, or heel lock, creates some extra friction between the laces at your ankle so you can keep the ankle and heel area tight, without having to tighten the whole shoe. Here's how to do it:

The trick also works on shoes that don't have the extra hole; just use the top regular hole instead. Try it in your hiking boots, your climbing shoes, or anywhere you need some extra snugness.

How To Tie a Heel Lock [North Face]


    Or just change the entire lacing structure to something with a better lock. My blisters happened because it was my mid foot slipping, not the heel. A quick look at Professor Shoelace and I had that 'locked' down.

    /srsly not an advertisement but could be because I always pimp that site to my mates


      Also, for bonus points, describes how and why the woman in the video above has tied the actual knot incorrectly.

      Thanks for that link! The instructions for teaching kids how to tie their laces are fantastic (and timely for me!)

    Shit. I've been doing it wrong for 36 years.

    all my shoes, have this now. learnt the trick when i bought a pair of shoes at athletes foot. dont kno why shoes dont come like this as standard

    Yep, I've been using this lacing style (well, a similar one) for years. Works great.

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