Change Up Your Running Shoe Lacing Technique To Improve Comfort

Change Up Your Running Shoe Lacing Technique to Improve Comfort

Running shoes are made so they fit snuggly and comfortably around your feet, but the way you lace them up changes how they really fit. Blogger KatieRUNSthis shows off a few different lacing techniques that can help when your shoe feels a bit too tight, your heel is slipping and more.

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The basic idea here is that when your uncomfortable in your shoes, it's not necessarily your shoes' fault. It might just be the way they're laced up. For example, if your shoe feels a little too tight, she shares this lacing technique:

To give your shoe an overall roomier feel, try the parallel lacing technique. To start, lace the first tow eyelets near the toe of the shoe. On one side, pull the lace up through the first eyelet and then straight across the shoe and into the eyelet directly across from it. On the other side, skip the first eyelet and pull the lace up through the second eyelet and then lace it into the eyelet straight across from it. Repeat this skipping an eyelet and lacing across pattern until the shoe is laced to the top. This lacing technique is a little tricky, so here is a link to a video that might help.

The basic idea here is that if your shoes are uncomfortable, it's worth trying out a new lacing technique before you head to the store for new kicks. Head over to KatieRUNSthis for techniques to correct for high instep, wide forefoot, narrow foot, heel slipping and black toenails.

Running Shoe Lacing Techniques [KatieRUNSthis via Hacker News]


    Worst tutorial video I've seen in a while. Camera placement at the same level as the sole so you can't even see what she is doing properly? #fail

    The link on the other hand is much better to see how the laces are tied.

    Last edited 07/01/14 1:08 pm

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