Most Popular Takeaway Posts Of 2014

Most Popular Takeaway Posts Of 2014

We care about health at Lifehacker, but we also have a slightly unhealthy obsession with fast food. These are the 10 most popular takeaway posts from Lifehacker in 2014.

Hamburger picture from Shutterstock

Taste Test: Pizza Hut’s ‘Cheeseburger Crust’ Is A Tasty Abomination

Blind Taste Test: Pizza Hut Vs. Domino’s Pizza

How To Scam A McOz-Style Burger From Hungry Jack’s For Just $2

Taste Test: Is McDonald’s Deluxe Dine-In Burger Worth $30?

Which Is Australia’s Favourite Fast Food Chain?

Pizza Hut To Offer $4.95 Pizzas Every Day, All Pizzas Capped At $8.50

Takeaway Truth: KFC’s Nacho Box

Taste Test: McDonald’s 2014 World Cup Brazil And Australia Burgers

Taste Test: Australia’s First Pizza Vending Machine

Taste Test: KFC’s Hashbrown Double Burgers

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